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north india lottery game will show you around the exciting world of Dream11, the best site for people who love fantasy cricket. Whether you are a skilled player who wants to enhance your plans or a beginner who wants to learn the ropes, this complete guide will help you gain the knowledge and information you need to do well in fantasy cricket.

Dream11 Login/Register

To log in to Dream 11, go to their website or open their app and type your email address and password you used to register. If this is your first time using the service, you must sign up by giving your email address, making a password, and ensuring your cell phone number is correct.

How to Play Dream11

To play Dream 11, pick a cricket match, assemble a virtual team of real players within a specific limit, and compete against other users. Your team gets points based on how well the chosen players do in the game.

How to Create a Contest in Dream11

To start a contest, go to the “Contests” part and click “Create Contest.” Set the contest’s entry fee, the number of people who can enter, and how the prizes will be given. After you do this, your content will be made, and others can join it.

How to Make a Team in Dream11

To assemble a Dream 11 team, you must first pick a game that is coming up. Then, choose players while staying within the amount you were given for that purpose. Ensure that the hitters, bowlers, all-rounders, and wicketkeepers are evenly split.

How to Change Dream11 Username

Dream 11 doesn’t let you change your username after you’ve created an account. However, you can reach out to their customer service line to change your nickname.

How to Change Dream11 Team Name

You can change the name of your Dream 11 team by going to your settings and clicking on “Edit Profile.”

Dream11 Prediction

To make a Dream 11 prediction in 82Lottery, you must consider player performance, pitch conditions, team tactics, and other factors to guess how games will turn out. Use the information you can access and your knowledge about the game to make intelligent guesses.

Is Dream 11 Legal?

Yes, Dream 11 is allowed in India if it follows the rules set by the laws and rules. People think of it as a game of skill, not as gaming.

is dream11 legal?

How to Delete Dream11 Account

To delete your Dream 11 account, contact their customer service team and ask that it be deleted. They will walk you through the steps and ensure your account is closed.

When Will Dream 11 Open in Karnataka?

The Karnataka High Court ruled that some changes made to the Karnataka Police Act of 1963 that were considered unfair were related to online games. This is the third high court to lift restrictions that state governments had put on the online betting business. The first two were in Kerala and Madras.

Is Dream 11 Banned in Tamil Nadu?

The state’s Gaming Act has been changed as part of Tamil Nadu’s change. While businesses try to determine these changes, Tamil Nadu residents need help playing pay-to-win games on Dream 11 and other sites or apps.


Dream 11 is an exciting place for cricket fans to show off their skills and knowledge of the game. To help new players get started, 82Lottery has compiled a list of people’s most common questions about the Dream11 fantasy cricket app. This detailed guide from 82Lottery makes it easy for players to understand how to sign up and log in, create and control a team, and start and join contests. The guide also discusses important things like Dream 11 predictions and whether the site is legal. For the most part, the guide is an excellent way for new and experienced Dream 11 fantasy cricket players to learn about the game.


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